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Welcome to Enchanted Furnishings!

We sell bespoke furniture for all tastes.


Enchanted Furnishings consists of a husband and wife team who provide an excellent service with furniture sold at great prices. We have something for every budget!


Our products are all created to stand out from the crowd and benefit your current home interior. Whether you are looking for a new bedside table or an antique sideboard, we have the bespoke furniture range for you.


When it comes to your home interior, it can be very easy to buy factory made, mass-produced items. Why would you want to get bespoke furniture instead of visiting IKEA and designing your home like their catalogues? Let us give you 5 simple reasons why bespoke furniture is the way to go:


  1. The quality will surpass any furniture bought in larger warehouses
  2. You will make your home look unique and personable
  3. This type of furniture will add creativity to your home
  4. The furniture will be tailored to your taste
  5. Nobody will have a home like yours!


If you want to make your home truly unique, bespoke furniture is the route to go down. This type of furniture will add a sparkle to your home and it will ensure that all your guests are impressed when they come to visit. Furthermore, you will be able to find furniture that perfectly suits your tasters, and not the ordinary items found in larger stores.


It has become more and more popular to buy bespoke furniture for your home. Take the time and effort to scroll through our list of truly wonderful unique furniture, and find the perfect items for you.


To find out more about our bespoke furniture range, contact our team today! You can reach us through our website or by calling: 07961 560 625 or 07557 760 275. You can also send an email to: and follow us on: Facebook and Instagram!


Our returns policy can be found here.

Enchanted Furnishings are here to offer you the best range of bespoke furniture.

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