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About Us:

Enchanted Furnishings was created as a place where people with any budget can come to buy new, unique furniture. Run by a husband and wife team, we stock pieces designed in elegant ways, and manufactured with high quality. Gone are the days when IKEA is the place to shop, get bespoke furniture today and transform your house into a home!


We openly invite all our customers to experience our furnishings for themselves, we simply ask for the greatest care. All our furniture has been designed and built using a knowledge and blend of modern methods, as well as traditional designs. We cater for all tastes!


Our Furniture:

At Enchanted Furnishings we provide everything from bedside tables to tallboys. Our unique furniture is able to ensure that your home looks bespoke and personal.


An example of our Venetian mirrored furniture includes a classic mirrored tallboy, found here. This Venetian glass mirrored 5 drawer tallboy is of a simple yet elegant design. It will truly add elegance to any bedroom. It is the perfect size to store items. Designed with bevelled edge glass panels, the drawers are finished off with gorgeous crystal glass handles. The drawers are easy to open and close and are well fitted.


This Venetian mirrored furniture has been designed and manufactured to the highest specification and the quality is therefore second to none. On delivery, they are ready and assembled and so the only thing you must do is attach the handles. We have matching furniture available!


Mirrored furniture is a popular range that compliments any style. We stock both traditional and modern pieces and our pieces are opulent yet affordable. Venetian furniture has a timeless appeal, and therefore it is an investment fit for the future.



To find out more about our furniture, contact us today! We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and to ensure that any queries are dealt with. You can reach our team on 07961560625 or


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Buy your Venetian mirrored furniture from Enchanted Furnishings today and you will not be dissapointed!

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